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RE: IRCE 2018 Attendees List




Hope you doing well.


This follow email is to check if you had a chance to review my previous
email sent which explains about our list services and others for new
business prospects.


I would really appreciate if you can reply with your questions or queries.


Thanks and I look forward to your response.


Best Regards




From: Wendy Aaron [mailto:wendy.aaron@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Thursday, May 17, 2018 5:19 PM
To: 'zsh-workers@xxxxxxx'
Subject: IRCE 2018 Attendees List




Would you be interested in reaching out IRCE 2018 Attendees List? 


When: 05 - 08 June 2018

Where: Chicago, IL, USA

Who is Attending: 10000 Confirmed Attendees 


Lists include:- Company Name, Contact Name, Title, Address, Web Site, Phone
Number, Fax Number, Verified E-mail Address, Employee Size, Revenue size,
SIC Code, Industry Type, NAICS Code, E-mail verification result.


Thank you and I look forward to hear from you.



Wendy Aaron

Marketing Consultant



Note: If you are not the right person please forward this email to right
person, I appreciate your time PS: We help you connect with your best
prospects and build relationships.


Note: You were specifically sent this email based upon your company profile.
If for some reason this was sent in error or you wish not to receive any
further messages from us please reply with subject line as "Exclude" and you
will be excluded from all future mailings.

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