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Re: [PATCH 1/1] _gpg: Use explicit UIDs for state = public keys.

Doron Behar wrote on Tue, May 29, 2018 at 17:11:23 +0300:
> I've successfully managed to solve address all the comments you've had
> for my patch. Yet, I'm having trouble with `_call_program`. The line I'm
> trying to put is this:
>     local public_keys=(${(@s.:.)$(_call_program public-keys $words[1] $needed --list-public-keys --list-options no-show-photos --with-colons)})
> I debugged this a little bit and the variable `$public_keys` is empty
> but if I remove the words: `_call_program public-keys` it works good.
> I've had a glimpse at `htop` when this function was called when I tested
> the completion function and I saw these commands running there:
> 	pkgfile -b -v -- --list-public-keys
> 	pkgfile -b -v -- --list-options
> 	pkgfile -b -v -- no-show-photos
> 	pkgfile -b -v -- --with-colons
> What is _call_program supposed to be doing?

_call_program (doc'd in zshcompsys(1)) is supposed to run the command
"$words[1] $needed --list-public-keys --list-options no-show-photos
--with-colons".  The purpose of using _call_program is to allow the user to
override the command to use by setting a zstyle.

I can't explain the multiple commands you glimpsed in htop.

Try changing «$words[1] $needed» to «${(q)words[1]} ${(q)needed}».  That adds
an additional level of quoting, since one of the differences between «foo bar
baz…» and «_call_program x foo bar baz…» is that in the latter case, the «foo
bar baz» are eval'd.  I'm not sure whether that would fix the failure mode
you're seeing, but it's a correct change regardless.

I would recommend debugging that line inside out, e.g., start by ensuring the
_call_program by itself gets the expected arguments and produced the expected
values on its stdout.  Enabling tracing («set -x» or «functions -T _call_program»)
might help.

> Besides that, the revised patch is ready. I've also included similar
> improvements for the other states - `secret-keys` and `public-keyids`.

I look forward to the revised patch.  However, I'll be busy in the next few
days so I hope another developer would beat me to reviewing/applying it ;-).



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