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Re: Bug in case stmt with '('

> So your suggestion would amount to omitting the check for balanced
> parens, thus assuming (in the event that a closing paren is not found)
> that the glob pattern is correctly formed.  This doesn't simplify the
> parser in any significant way, and it delays detection of some other
> malformed glob patterns.

I'm ready to believe that my suggestion doesn't simplify the parser
significantly, but I'm _not_ suggesting to forego checking for balanced parens
-- on the contrary, I assume the parser would only accept well-formed glob

	     | required paren
	"( x ) )"
	       | optional paren
	 " x   )"

What I am suggesting is that the trailing ')' (which if present is UNbalanced)
not be required to be present.  I.e., each well-formed case-prefix pattern
(which may have internal parens or '|'s) is terminated by an [external]
'|', ')', or whitespace; if by whitespace, then the parser considers the
following token: if it is '|' or ')', then parsing of the case-prefix continues,
else the case-prefix is considered complete (the parser regards the whitespace
as equivalent to a trailing ')', if you will), and the token is taken to be
the initial token of the case-clause body.  Accordingly, I believe that
detection of malformed glob patterns would not at all be delayed.
Perhaps my approach might even make it easier to avoid the remaining problem
with Zoltan's current patch.

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