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beyond zsh v2.3.1


I am an unsophisticated user of zsh.  I have used for a couple of years.
I am currently running zsh v2.3.1.  I tried to upgrade to zsh-2.6-beta14
but I had a few problems and I wonder if someone out there can help me.

I am using HPUX 9.05:

o I got a compilation error.  I changed the file zle_tricky.c line 1684 from

o I have been using a function that gets called by chpwd that looks
  like this:

                function print_banner {
                        print -n "\e]0;$1\a"

  The purpose of it is to set the title of the xterm to the first parameter.
  With zsh 2.6 the title does not change and the string is simply output to
  stdout (tty maybe?).  I also tried to use a simple program that I have
  called xlabel which does the same thing as the print statement above.
  I had used xlabel with ksh in the past, but it realy wedged zsh when
  I use it in chpwd().  I had this problem with 2.5 as well.

Thanks for your time,

Julio Garcia - julio@xxxxxxxxx

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