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Suggestions for auto-login script for ZSH?

Greetings fellow ZSH users,

I'm trying to write a script that would allow be to make telnet login (or
ftp login) processes automated.  Here's what I tried:

telnet host.com
echo 'loginname'
echo 'password'

This didn't work (as well as variants of the above example)...  It telnets
okay, but that's it. When I quit the telnet, THEN it echo's the thing I
want to echo.  Is it possible to write a script like this with zsh?  As
far as FTP, I would like to write something that will automate the
following steps:

1. ftp
2. login
3. password
4. get a particular file
5. exit :)

I would appriciate any assistance or suggestions in this matter.
Thanks in advance! :)

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