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Re: weird terminal behavior

On Dec 9 96, Dr. G. Buerger <buerger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> In the new version, cursor keys, e.g., also work but I don't SEE their
> result. The backspace key removes characters for the shell, but not visibly for

I just discovered zsh and recently switched from bash: wow! Talk about a
clever shell. I'm addicted. 

A funny behaviour occurs sometime that I never saw on bash: whe editing
the command line or going through history with the arrow keys, the
cursor's moves become jerky. When you keep pressing the key the cursor
seems to move four spaces at a time. Yet the strangest thing is that it
occurs sometimes and then goes away...

Using Linux 2.0.x, rxvt terminal, Xfree 3.2.

Keep up the great shell...


     Louis-David Mitterrand
     (Formula 1): http://www.zoom.com/mito/
     (Java page): http://www.zoom.com/mito/quote/

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author