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Re: Where should we put the ZSH Web page?

>>>>> "Timothy" == Timothy J Luoma <luomat+Lists/Zsh/users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Timothy> The most current ZSH pages have been gzipped and tarred to:

Timothy> ftp://ftp.peak.org/pub/next/documents/misc/zsh-webpages-25-april-98.tar.gz

Timothy> MD5 = 2faec4cc159063dee58b3b9e0b0ea8f2

Timothy> It is over 2MB

Timothy> There are a few folks who have offered to host the pages.

Timothy> I think ideally the pages would be hosted on the same machine
Timothy> that hosts the zsh development and main FTP source.

Timothy> What do y'all think and where would you like to see it?

Then I will repeat my offer: SunSITE Denmark (sunsite.auc.dk) will be
happy to host the whole project. Here is what we offer:

* Web pages served by Apache (we have had more than 16.000.000
  hits/month and is currently running at about 6.000.000/month, so
  there is plenty of capacity).

* mailinglists run by ezmlm which means completely maintenance free
  lists. We do have RBL and other means against spam. The mailinglists
  can be gatewayed to public newsgroups if you desire so.

* faq's - perhaps using our web-based FAQ tool so that everyone can
  help maintain it.

* Source development with a CVS server with read/write usernames to
  developers and read-only access to everyone else. The CVS tree can
  contain both the source, web-pages and ftp area and is thereby easy
  to maintain.

* Search engine using Infoseek search engine.

Our business is to supports projects like this and SunSITE is 100%
non-commercial (so no advertising/spam!). The SunSITE is driven by
professional staff from the local university in cooperaion with more
than 25 volunteers.

The server is a 4 CPU SPARCServer 1000, 1/2GB memory and 34Mbit
connection to the E-bone which will son be upgraded to 155Mbit. We
have more than 140GB harddisk dedicated to free software (still
growing strong) in a mixture of hard/software based RAID.

This offer is also open to other similar projects, so let us know, if
you know a project on the look for a new home... :-)

SunSITE Manager.

M.Sc.E.E, Sys/Net-administrator, BOFH, Aalborg University, Denmark
http://www.kom.auc.dk/~karthy/ for more information.
SunSITE Denmark Manager (http://sunsite.auc.dk/)
# $Id: .signature,v 1.1 1997/06/18 08:30:00 karthy Exp $

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