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Re: Where should we put the ZSH Web page?

Karsten Thygesen wrote:
>Then I will repeat my offer: SunSITE Denmark (sunsite.auc.dk) will be
>happy to host the whole project.

Thank you for your kind offer.  I see you've already started hosting the
web pages.  However, I do not think we have any need to take up your
other specific offers.  Most of the matters you address are already
handled adequately by zsh developers, and I'd like it to stay that way.

>* mailinglists run by ezmlm which means completely maintenance free
>  lists. We do have RBL and other means against spam. The mailinglists
>  can be gatewayed to public newsgroups if you desire so.

Our mailing lists are already excellently administered by Richard Coleman,
<coleman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>.  We have no need to rehost the mailing lists,
unless he wishes to stop administering them.  Anyone wishing to read
the lists as newsgroups can arrange that on their own system.

>* faq's - perhaps using our web-based FAQ tool so that everyone can
>  help maintain it.

This is Peter's area, but my impression is that the FAQ is already
adequately maintained using our current tools, and having a single
maintainer is an advantage.

>* Source development with a CVS server with read/write usernames to
>  developers and read-only access to everyone else. The CVS tree can
>  contain both the source, web-pages and ftp area and is thereby easy
>  to maintain.

I do not want the master development sources to be on a machine over
which I do not have full control.  The FTP area also needs to be much
more tightly controlled than development sources; I have arranged,
with Geoff Wing, a means of remote updates with PGP authentication,
which CVS just can't match.

>* Search engine using Infoseek search engine.

No doubt this would be useful as part of the web site.

Andrew Main <zefram@xxxxxxxx>, coordinator of the Zsh Development Group

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