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Re: Where should we put the ZSH Web page?

>>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew Main <zefram@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

Andrew> Thank you for your kind offer.  I see you've already started
Andrew> hosting the web pages.  However, I do not think we have any
Andrew> need to take up your other specific offers.  Most of the
Andrew> matters you address are already handled adequately by zsh
Andrew> developers, and I'd like it to stay that way.

Fine with me. I did make the offer as other people uttered, that it
could be an advantage to collect all the zsh stuff at one
place. Anyway - let's take one thing by the time, but my offer still
stands, if the need should pop up. 

I will like to make clear, that my offer was not an attempt to "steal"
the whole project, and it was not a critic at all the nice people who
host part of the zsh project - I just want to support it as much as
possible and offer the resources that I have by hand.


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