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zsh - new user with questions

Hi guys,

I know - first read the FAQ, then the man pages - done that and more and
I've still got the following questions:

(background: I'm a tcsh power-user - but due to politically induced
technical problems, I'm looking for something

more ksh compatible, but which can do a whole lot more - zsh)

     - extended completion. I'm terribly used to never having to type
UPPERCASE letters, and using

     extreme short cuts. ie: with tcsh's enhanced completions, to complete
the file named: ReadMe.First

     all I would type id: r.f<tab> - is there a way to do this sort of
thing in zsh?

     - I tried use ls ***/*(/l2) to find all the empty directories in a
tree, but it didn't work, instead it counted the number

     of directories in each directory (I think, I wasn't quite sure what it
was doing)

     - if you cd through a link, the prompt correctly knows where you are
logically, but cd'ing back up again

     with cd .. puts you in the directory above the physical directory in
which you were. Is it possible to make

     all cd's happen in relation to your logical position?

     - raw completions: the completion mechanism is quite nice, even if I
haven't totally groked it yet, but

     occaisonally I want to perform completions which are normally
disallowed by compctl. The simplest example is

     cd. "compctl -g '*(-/)' cd" will complete nicely, unless I want to cd
into a hidden (dot) directory. Then it doesn't

     complete at all. Is it possible to say that it should complete
non-hidden directories, unless the text typed indicates

     otherwise, ie: if I type "cd <tab>", I get a list of all the normal
directories, but if I then type .<tab> it should use the

     . and show me all the directories beginning with .

I've got lots of other questions, but they aren't as annoying as the ones
above. HAve any of you done anything in this direction


Thanks in advance,


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