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Re: zsh - new user with questions

Stephen Riehm wrote:
>     - extended completion. I'm terribly used to never having to type
>UPPERCASE letters, and using
>     extreme short cuts. ie: with tcsh's enhanced completions, to complete
>the file named: ReadMe.First
>     all I would type id: r.f<tab> - is there a way to do this sort of
>thing in zsh?

You can do these things with a completion function.  Look at `multicomp'
in the zsh distribution.

>     - I tried use ls ***/*(/l2) to find all the empty directories in a
>tree, but it didn't work, instead it counted the number
>     of directories in each directory (I think, I wasn't quite sure what it
>was doing)

You probably want "ls -d" or "echo" or something like that.  Plain "ls"
will list the *contents* of directories listed on the command line.

>     occaisonally I want to perform completions which are normally
>disallowed by compctl. The simplest example is
>     cd. "compctl -g '*(-/)' cd" will complete nicely, unless I want to cd
>into a hidden (dot) directory. Then it doesn't
>     complete at all. Is it possible to say that it should complete
>non-hidden directories, unless the text typed indicates
>     otherwise, ie: if I type "cd <tab>", I get a list of all the normal
>directories, but if I then type .<tab> it should use the
>     . and show me all the directories beginning with .

compctl -/ cd


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