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cdmatch installs where?


I just upgraded zsh on my private machine from 3.05 to 3.1.4. Everything
seems to work just fine. But what is kind of annoying, is the fact that
the completion for the cd command does not work (it does not complete the
directory names when pressing TAB).

I do have:

compctl -g '*(-/)' cd pushd

in my $HOME/.zcompctl and as long as this is the only rule specifying the
cd completion, everything works just fine.

But right after that comes:

# Another possibility for cd/pushd is to use it in conjunction with the
# cdmatch function (in the Functions subdirectory of zsh distribution).
if [[ -o AUTO_REMOVE_SLASH ]] then
    compctl -x 'p[2]' -Q -K cdmatch2 - 'S[/][~][./][../]' -g '*(-/)' + \
        -g '*(-/D)' - 'n[-1,/], s[]' -K cdmatch -q -S '/' -- cd pushd
    compctl -x 'p[2]' -Q -K cdmatch2 - 'S[/][~][./][../]' -g '*(-/)' + \
        -g '*(-/D)' - 'n[-1,/], s[]' -K cdmatch -S '/' -- cd pushd

Ok, I am not as much in the zsh details as might be necessary to totally
get the idea of what is being done here. But even to me it is obvious that
the cdmatch command (that does exist in the Functions subdir of the
distribution) needs to be installed.

My question is: Even when I copy cdmatch into $PREFIX/bin (what is in my
search path), the above rule does not complete directory names by pressing
the TAB key after a cd command.

As usual are any hints pointing in the right direction appreciated.


P.S.: zsh compiles and runs just fine out of the box on FreeBSD (2.2.7). 
If the person who is responsible for the Etc/MACHINES file could include
that, that would be great. 


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