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Re: cdmatch installs where?

> # Another possibility for cd/pushd is to use it in conjunction with the
> # cdmatch function (in the Functions subdirectory of zsh distribution).
[snip other compctl example]

> Ok, I am not as much in the zsh details as might be necessary to totally
> get the idea of what is being done here. But even to me it is obvious that
> the cdmatch command (that does exist in the Functions subdir of the
> distribution) needs to be installed.
> My question is: Even when I copy cdmatch into $PREFIX/bin (what is in my
> search path), the above rule does not complete directory names by pressing
> the TAB key after a cd command.

cdmatch is a function, and so needs to be in the $fpath search path,
not the $path search list.

Try making a directory ~/.zfunc, putting cdmatch in it and setting

btw: fpath may be set to this by default, I can't remember.


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author