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RE: zsh for win32 - installation of zshrc

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> From: 	Bart Schaefer[SMTP:schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: 	Tuesday, September 15, 1998 1:59 PM
> To: 	ZShell Users List
> Cc: 	amol@xxxxxxxxx
> Subject: 	Re: zsh for win32 - installation of zshrc
> "setopt correct" is worthless because it uses the full file name (e.g.
> "foo.exe") when trying to correct the spelling of a command ("foo") and
> therefore complains about nearly everything except builtins.  (This is
> probably fixable by playing with hash/unhash commands.)
it's actually fixable by just renaming all your foo.exes to foo :-)
i thought it would be a waste of time for the shell to try all possible
extensions (.exe, .com, .bat, .cmd) for each command, so i didn't bother
to fix this. 

> "setopt winnt_ignore_case winnt_lame_path_fix" seems to be a pretty good
> idea.  I'm not sure exactly when "winnt_convert_backslash" is important.
you probaby need it in cases where you are deriving paths from other DOS
style paths.
For example,  HOMDRIVE=F:,  and HOMEPATH=\
so, if  FOO=$HOMEDRIVE$HOMEPATH,  then FOO is set
to F:\.

this will confuse the shell no end (all paths MUST be '/'-delimited)
if you set winntconvertbackslash, the theory is that the shell converts
'\' to '/' when matching paths.

in tcsh i could just do 

set bar=$var:s#\\#/#:ah  

to convert '\' to '/' before
assignment, but I was told there was no simple way in zsh to do the

BTW, please don't cc amol@xxxxxxxxxx I am a member of this mailing list.


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