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Re: zsh for win32 - installation of zshrc

On Sep 15,  2:56pm, Amol Deshpande wrote:
> > 
> > "setopt correct" is worthless because it uses the full file name (e.g.
> > "foo.exe") when trying to correct the spelling of a command ("foo") and
> > therefore complains about nearly everything except builtins.  (This is
> > probably fixable by playing with hash/unhash commands.)
> > 
> it's actually fixable by just renaming all your foo.exes to foo :-)

I wrote this little fragment of code to fix it (still not handling all
the possible extensions, just .exe):

function fixhash {
  emulate -R zsh
  setopt localoptions
  local hashed exe
  hash -f
  eval hashed=\( $(hash) \)
  exe=( ${(M)hashed:#*.[Ee][Xx][Ee]\=*} )
  hashed=( ${hashed%%\=*} )
  hashed=( ${hashed:#*.[Ee][Xx][Ee]} )
  hashed=( ${(M)hashed:#*.*} )
  [[ $#hashed -gt 0 ]] && unhash $hashed
  [[ $#exe -gt 0 ]] && hash ${exe:l:s/.exe//}

However, running that function takes a LONG time and then crashes the shell.
Right before the shell crashes, the $hashed array is 1349 elements long and
contains just over 16000 bytes.

If I don't put the commands in a function, simply type everything from the
"hash -f" to the end directly at the PS1 prompt (or put it in .zshrc), then
it still takes a long time -- particularly "eval hashed=\( $(hash) \)" --
but the shell doesn't crash.

> For example,  HOMDRIVE=F:,  and HOMEPATH=\
> so, if  FOO=$HOMEDRIVE$HOMEPATH,  then FOO is set
> to F:\.
> this will confuse the shell no end (all paths MUST be '/'-delimited)

Hmm, that's interesting.  Right now I have HOME=d:\home\schaefer and I
don't have winntconvertbackslash and the shell seems to be doing fine.
(Everything in $PATH is forward-slash-delimited, though.)

> in tcsh i could just do
> set bar=$var:s#\\#/#:ah  
> but I was told there was no simple way in zsh to do the same.


works fine.  Going the other way is trickier:


I don't know why the extra two backslashes are needed.  Anyone?

> BTW, please don't cc amol@xxxxxxxxxx

Sorry; my UA copied the Cc: from your own headers.  (I've been deleting
amold@xxxxxxxxxxxxx from the To: header by hand).

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