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Re: zsh for win32 - installation of zshrc

Stephen Marley <Stephen.Marley@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

| OK, so I didn't know about Quickedit mode - that might deserve one
| `wrong', not three!

Sorry, I hope I didn't offend you. I thought it was somewhat
more positive phrase to say wrong three times (with a pause
before the last one when spoken) in English. It seems it
produced the opposite effect I wanted.

| What has Quickedit mode got to do with scroll back? How do you cut and

Nothing. The original question was to get both a scroll back and
reasonable copy&paste to a zsh-window and I simply concluded
that it is possible to get them both as the scroll back part was
already answered.

| paste `using a pointing device', as the help says? I still can't get it
| to work without using the menu. Please enlighten me.

It should work simply by pressing left mouse button at the top
left corner of the area you wan to copy, dragging to the bottom
right corner and then pressing right mouse button (which
actually does the copy). After that, right mouse button should
do paste. Are you using NT or Win9{5,8}? When I used Win95 last
time two years ago or so, I noticed that console and also that
quick edit mode were a bit "unstable" under it. In NT it has
always worked for me.


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