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Re: mla referencing

Geoff Wing <mason@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> typed (in zsh-workers):
:Peter Stephenson <pws@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> typed:
::There have been various getopts() patches, but this hadn't been fixed
::up to the last I saw, Bernd Eggink's in
:Just a reminder that you should be referencing that by its official
:archive number 3797 - (from the X-Mailing-List line) and you can now
:search on numbers (though from the index you might get slight
:inaccuracies - e.g. too many matches) - because the msg numbers may
:change if for some rare reason it's reindexed (usually only latter
:numbers may change if, say, a spam delete occurs.)

Having said that,
is the static reference for the HTML version.  You can now also retrieve
by official number from the main MLA index page

NB: at the moment, updates of .../bynum/  and the database for searching
    are irregular, though the browsable one is automatic.

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