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Re: How to trigger the death of zsh(3.0.5)

On Thu, Oct 08, 1998 at 11:58:31AM -0700, Bart Schaefer wrote:
> That function is bound by default to ESC . and ESC _ in zsh.  Rebinding to
> the bash equivalent is as easy as:
> 	bindkey '\C\My' insert-last-word

Ok but how about the order? 
ESC 1 ESC . will give the last argument when in bash it means the first

So I need to do something like insert the argument
n-x where n is the total number of words on the previous command(x is the
number after ESC).

Q: Is there a way to set the separator(or a list of separators) when doing backward-kill-word? For example if I'm typing:

% cd /usr/src^W
I would like to have
% cd /usr/
% cd 
(this is also bash's behaviour)

PS: Maybe I'm too tired now but:

Script started on Thu Oct  8 22:43:27 1998
dmircea@secu:~% bindkey '\C\My' insert-last-word
dmircea@secu:~% bindkey | grep insert-last-word
"\M-^Y"	insert-last-word
"^[."	insert-last-word
"^[_"	insert-last-word
dmircea@secu:~% exit

Script done on Thu Oct  8 22:44:00 1998

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