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Re: Completion of cd type functions?

"G. Khalsa" wrote:
> alias cxxsrc 'cd ~/development/source/cxx/\!*'
> complete cxxsrc "p@1@D:$HOME/development/source/cxx@"
> This way I can just type cxxsrc from anywhere and have it complete only with 
> directories in $HOME/development/source/cxx.
> Can I do this somehow in zsh (simply)?

In zsh 3.1, you need

cxxsrc() { cd ~/development/source/cxx/$1; }
compctl -W ~/development/source/cxx -/ cxxsrc

In older versions it's harder, particularly to get subdirectories.
You need to write a completion function which sticks the appropriate
part in front of the word so far, lists the directories that are
there, then deletes the front part of the word again and returns the
result; plus it still doesn't work as a path since in lists you get
the whole word, not just the last part of the path.

> Unfortunately the lete2ctl script fails when I try to run it so I can't get a
> ll 
> my nifty tcsh completions translated automatically.

The supplied version doesn't go down too well with recent versions of
perl.  There's a new version of lete2ctl for 3.1, which should appear
soon.  It doesn't handle the 'D' code since that doesn't appear in any
of the tcsh manuals I have access to.

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