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Re: Completion of cd type functions?

Or just do:

compctl cd -g '*(-/)'

and then just do:

cd ~cxx/<TAB>

Note: this works with 3.0.x dont know about 3.1.x I would assume this
behaviour has not changed.

Michael Barnes

On Thu, Oct 29, 1998 at 02:23:38PM +0100, Peter Stephenson wrote:
> "G. Khalsa" wrote:
> > alias cxxsrc 'cd ~/development/source/cxx/\!*'
> > complete cxxsrc "p@1@D:$HOME/development/source/cxx@"
> > 
> > This way I can just type cxxsrc from anywhere and have it complete only with 
> > directories in $HOME/development/source/cxx.
> > 
> > Can I do this somehow in zsh (simply)?
> In zsh 3.1, you need
> cxxsrc() { cd ~/development/source/cxx/$1; }
> compctl -W ~/development/source/cxx -/ cxxsrc
> In older versions it's harder, particularly to get subdirectories.
> You need to write a completion function which sticks the appropriate
> part in front of the word so far, lists the directories that are
> there, then deletes the front part of the word again and returns the
> result; plus it still doesn't work as a path since in lists you get
> the whole word, not just the last part of the path.
> > Unfortunately the lete2ctl script fails when I try to run it so I can't get a
> > ll 
> > my nifty tcsh completions translated automatically.
> The supplied version doesn't go down too well with recent versions of
> perl.  There's a new version of lete2ctl for 3.1, which should appear
> soon.  It doesn't handle the 'D' code since that doesn't appear in any
> of the tcsh manuals I have access to.
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