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Re: Question zsh

Jason Price wrote:
>>> I'm not sure what this means.
>> I _think_ he wants each user to have a history file that they can't
>> delete, as a sort of audit trail of their activities.
> IF this is the case, then the shell is the wrong place to be doing this.  I
> know Solaris has the capabilitys to do full process accounting.  That is,
> log detailed info about what processes people run.
> I would be willing to bet that other OS's have this capability.

Linux has this ability by 2.1.125.  User-side support is a little
lacking right now, though.  (Course, not much is needed.  I've only
recently gotten this kernel, and I haven't upgraded enough of my
software I can run it full-time yet.  Because of this, I haven't had
much time to play with it.)

However, it doesn't contain much in the way of command-line flags; I
think I'd like to see the option of having a separate file store command
lines, so that you could have arbitrary-length records which don't slow
down processes which don't care about them.


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