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using zsh in windows nt

Hi All,
I recently started using zsh 3.0.5 under windows nt    and cygwin beta 20. My
and .zshrc are basically the same files I used in my other unix neighborhoods
(solaris, linux, etc.). I have two problems, which I cannot solve:

1) Zsh tries to do spelling corrections for correct commands, For example, it
always suggest to replace ls by ps - ls is in my path and if I say don't
correct it is found. My only solution to this one is to add an alias ls=ls to
my .zshrc. Also, since yesterday, when I installed a new version of java, it
started trying to correct `java' to `javaw', which didn't happen with the old
version. The only change zsh could notice is the change in the path (the new
version is in a new directory, so I removed the old one from the path and put
the new one instead)! I thought the ls/ps problem was related to the fact ps is
builtin, but both java and javaw are external programs which reside in the same
directory in the path! Do you have any idea (except removing the correctall
option ;( )?

2) A second problem: Zsh doesn't write an history file for me, although I set
HISTFILE and HISTSIZE to the correct values and also set the option

I'll appreciate your answer, or any other views from windows nt users. I am a
big fan of zsh, and I certainly don't want to use bash instead ;)

Dr. Zvi Har'El <rl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>              Department of Mathematics
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+972-4-8324654(FAX)  http://www.math.technion.ac.il/~rl/   Haifa 32000, ISRAEL
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