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Re: using zsh in windows nt

On 05 November 1998, Zvi Har'El wrote:
> directory in the path! Do you have any idea (except removing the correctall
> option ;( )?

Use alias ls='nocorrect ls' etc. Not ideal I know, but I too get lots of
unwanted corrections on NT.

> 2) A second problem: Zsh doesn't write an history file for me, although I set
> HISTFILE and HISTSIZE to the correct values and also set the option
> appendhistory.

set SAVEHIST too. eg SAVEHIST=1000

> I'll appreciate your answer, or any other views from windows nt users. I am a
> big fan of zsh, and I certainly don't want to use bash instead ;)

Quite right too. Are you using Amol Deshpande's native win32 port or a
cygwin compiled version? If the former, you might want to add
setopt winntignorecase winntlamepathfix to your .zshrc and you'll
need special bindings to get the arrow keys to work properly (see
Amol's docs). 

The only relatively big problem I have under NT is that command line
editing breaks when the terminal is very wide.


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