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Re: Redirecting variable fds

I may have stumbled across a bug.  I think the zsh-developers list might
be getting sick of my bug reports.

Typing away merrily, Stefan Monnier produced the immortal words:
> The parsing is done before the parameter expansion so you're screwed.
> But there's a workaround, using eval:
function bar {
> 	DEBUGMEM_INFOFD=$1 LD_PRELOAD=./bar.so eval $argv[3,-1] "$1>$2"
> It's not quite correct in that the content of $argv[3,-1] should be escaped
> to prevent its evaluation ( la "$@"), but my zsh expertise is lacking here.

Ah, thanks.

By the "$@" bit, it looks as though you're trying for "${(@)argv[3,-1}"
which doesn't on its own stop globbing.  I've handled that by changing
the 'eval ' for 'eval noglob '.  So now quoted args behave as expected
and unquoted ones are expanded at function-call time.

The problem is that DEBUGMEM_INFO and LD_PRELOAD don't actually make it
into the environment.  Using 'env' as the command passed through, I can
see quite plainly that they aren't there.  But using env to place the
values into the environment works:
function bar {
  eval noglob env DEBUGMEM_INFOFD=$1 LD_PRELOAD=./bar.so "${(@)argv[3,-1]} "$1>$2"

Trying this:
% FOO=x eval sh -c 'echo $FOO'
and then without the eval, it seems the eval loses the auto-export
functionality, in both 3.0.5 and 3.1.5.  It doesn't appear to be
documented though.

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