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Re: completion but extra options allowed

Hi Bart,

> In attempting to do something with this, I found some rather strange
> things going on in the guts of the completion.
Oops, interesting.

> _mailboxes then calls "compadd -J -default- -J -default- - ..." which
> seems a bit odd.  The first -J -default- is from "$@" and the second is
> of course "$expl[@]".  Is that really doing the right thing?
Uh, oh, don't ask me.  I hardly know anything about the zsh completion
system (yet).  Anyone else want to comment Barts discoveries?

> } And it doesn't expand local filenames either:
> } eule:~>cd Mail
> } eule:~/Mail>mutt -f a<TAB>
> I think that's intentional on the grounds that files not in the mail
> directory are not likely to be mail files.  It should probably be set
> by a style, if the 'mailbox' style won't already work.
I wasn't able to find anything about the mailbox-style in the docs.  :-(
What can I set with it?

> You don't need to edit _mailboxes, you just need
> 	set muttrc=~/.mutt/local
Oh, okay...together with your patch (which is basically what I did too :-)
But of course that doesn't work for the aliases, which are in ~/.mutt/aliases.
Hm, while just looking at _mutt I see that mailaddresses are taken from
'recipient:->userhost', which I don't understand.  Where is that info
being set?  Or in other words: how can I influence the list of addressees?


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