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Zsh guide

Sorry about the last blank mail...

Before I get onto the main point: here's advance warning that I'm moving to
a new job (a proper job this time :-)) in Cambridge, UK, at the end of the
week, so there could be a gap of up to a few weeks in development versions
until I get my personal computing stuff organised.

I've now got a first draft of the chapter in my zsh user guide which deals
with completion --- specifically new-style completion, so it's only useful
if you have at least 3.1.6, and as it describes the latest version, much of
it isn't of use unless you have that (see the `development' subdirectory on
the zsh archive site and any mirrors which are within a week or two of
being up-to-date).

To examine the guide so far --- chapters 1 (short introduction), 2 (basics
and startup files) and 6 (completion) --- online or retrieve one of the
versions, go to
The LaTeX/PostScript version as formatted (for A4) is 105 pages.  Any other
versions which I may or may not have scattered across Europe are out of

I'd particular appreciate comments on
- things which are wrong; there must be plenty of these, since it's quite
  complicated to begin with, and I've been making changes on the fly as
  the mechanism has evolved (well, all right, as Sven has evolved it)
- things badly phrased, over-complicated, unnecessarily detailed
- things missed out.

Peter Stephenson <pws@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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