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Re: Zsh guide

Peter Stephenson <pws@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:


> To examine the guide so far --- chapters 1 (short introduction), 2 (basics
> and startup files) and 6 (completion) --- online or retrieve one of the
> versions, go to
>   http://www.pwstephenson.fsnet.co.uk/computing/
> The LaTeX/PostScript version as formatted (for A4) is 105 pages.  Any other
> versions which I may or may not have scattered across Europe are out of
> date.
> I'd particular appreciate comments on
> - things which are wrong; there must be plenty of these, since it's quite
>   complicated to begin with, and I've been making changes on the fly as
>   the mechanism has evolved (well, all right, as Sven has evolved it)
> - things badly phrased, over-complicated, unnecessarily detailed
> - things missed out.

I'm reading the completion chapter at the moment, and it's excellent.
For all I know it might be completely wrong, but it's very clear and I
feel I'm beginning to understand this new completion stuff.  Once I
try it I may be in a position to notice mistakes, but in the meantime
I'd like to thank Peter for some of the best documentation I've read
in some time.

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