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Re: case-insensitive filename completion?

On Mar 16,  5:00pm, John S Cooper wrote:
} Subject: Re: case-insensitive filename completion?
} 1) My `setopt autolist' behavior seems to no longer work

unsetopt list_ambiguous

} 2) If my cursor is at the bottom of my xterm window, filename completion
} scrolls the "current line" upwards in order to list completions below.

unsetopt always_last_prompt

Both of these result from a change to make the default option settings in
3.1.2+ display more of the fancy features of zsh.  The 3.0.x and earlier
ethic had been to leave most of the fancy stuff turned off until the user
discovered it.  It was decided that most people NEVER discovered it, so
it would be better start out with it and make people turn it off.

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