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Re: clear to end of display

>If it's always in the upper right, you might try printing it with a
>TRAPALRM() function rather than putting it in the prompt.  Time values
>in the prompt don't get updated until after the next call to precmd(),
>but by setting a TMOUT value you can have it updated almost as often
>as you like (though I wouldn't recommend more often than about every
>10 seconds or it'll interfere with your typing).  I update the time
>in my xterm title bar that way, with a 60-second TMOUT.

That sounded like a good idea until I tried it out. xterms scrolled back
jump down, and often the time is not there because I'm a obsessive clearer
of my screen.

I went back to the prompt method and used the method you describe below and
everything is ok now.

>Try putting a cursor-up cursor-down movement in a %{...%} block at the
>beginning of your prompt.  That should force the prompt to be no higher
>than the second line without needing to hack any zle widgets.  E.g. in
>3.1.6+ with an 80-column xterm:
>PS1="%{"$'\e7\e[1A\e[1B\e[1;1H'%E$'\e[1;72H'"%D{%I:%M:%S}"$'\e8'"%}%m%# "

This doesnt work.. if I use this prompt and then type clear, it clears the
date and leaves the machien name followed by a % on the top line..

For some reason, the up/down isnt forcing it to be on line 1 :( 

I added 2 ups and 2 downs, and it puts it on line 2 tho. dunno.. this is
the behavior i actually want (since my upper right mesg is really 2 rows),
so i don't really care too much.. but if you know why the single isnt
working, let me know :)

Danny Dulai                                           Feet. Pumice. Lotion.
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