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Re: strange alias effects

> Sorry, this is of course wrong. You just seem to have alias definition
> *after* function definition. Because aliases are expanded when function
> is *defined*, they are not seen when functnio is executed.
That would make sense to me, but I _do_ have the alias defined before the
function.  And since this was no problem until I upgraded to 3.1.7-pre-4
I suspect I found a tiny bug???

> Autoloading provides neat workaround - function body is first read in
> after everything else  (including aliases) was already defined. For the
> same reason, second function definition in your example (on command
> line) works as expected - aliases are already known.
Hm, this sounds like a solution, but I'd hate to do that, because I've got
them all nicely sorted by subject in my .zsh/alias.  :-(


PS: cc to me is not necessary.  I am usually subscribed to the lists
    I post to. :-)

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