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RE: strange alias effects

> > Sorry, this is of course wrong. You just seem to have alias
> definition
> > *after* function definition. Because aliases are expanded
> when function
> > is *defined*, they are not seen when functnio is executed.
> That would make sense to me, but I _do_ have the alias
> defined before the
> function.  And since this was no problem until I upgraded to
> 3.1.7-pre-4
> I suspect I found a tiny bug???

I cannot reproduce it. I tried to add the same lines

alias foo='echo xxx'
bar() { foo }

to both ~/.zshenv and ~/.zshrc. In both cases it works as expected.
Sourcing file with the above defintions from .zshrc works as well. This
is with current CVS version.

> PS: cc to me is not necessary.  I am usually subscribed to the lists
>     I post to. :-)

Well, unfortunately, to be able to reply to list I have to use "Reply to
all" ... and manually removing recipients every time ...

It is exactly the reason I have procmail recipe that removes duplicates


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