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Re: is the reference card for zsh still 3.0 ?

> I wonder if the reference card for the zsh, which can be very
> useful for an overview is updated to include this _massive_
> completion system. 
> This seems to have gone away, at least I did not find it in 1.1 any more. I l
> ike that card, it helped me alot. It is especially useful if you are informat
> ion-drunk like I have always been with this new `completion system' :)
> (okay , you know about me already :) )

I haven't updated it because it was a lot of work (mostly doing the
formatting, assembling the info wasn't so hard) and I didn't get a lot of
messages like this one; it's going back a long time now.  This has at least
prompted me to recover it in case the old web site goes; I should move it
to sunsite.auc.dk.

It seems the latest version of LaTeX needs `amsmath' instead of `amstex' as
a package name.  I hate it when people make you use new versions of
software [sheepish grin].

It would be nice to have it updated for 4.0 in good time, but I already have
the userguide to finish.

Calling it a `card' is probably a breach of the Trades Desriptions Act.
It's six pages as it is and it's not going to get any shorter.

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