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Re: completion for GNU color ls, anyone?

Matthias Kopfermann (kopfermann@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> I really want the gnu-linux versions of as many commands as i can
> get. This ZLS_COLORS trick is known to me :)
> as zsh is not for GNU only (which is good), it does not provide
> enough completions for GNU commands.
> ls , screen , perl (well sort of GNU :)), emacs completions, vim
> and many others are missing.

Completions for perl are not missing.  Have you tried a recent
development release?

I might get round to doing screen and emacs soon.  I'm not a vim user
so I won't do that.  ls ... well, that's a different issue.  The
options for ls vary massively over the different systems, so we
probably will need to have a restructuring of the Completion subtree
before this gets completion code.

> (of course, no ZSH distribution can have all these commands, that
> would take 1000's of hours to do them all, i guess.)

Don't underestimate us :-)   We have a completion set which is pretty
impressive complete already ...

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