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Tksh and dtksh replacements for Zsh-users?

That shell called ksh also has Tksh and Dtksh.




Tksh is an implementation of the Tcl C library written on top of the library
for the new KornShell (ksh93). Dtksh is something like Tksh, but it is for
making of CDE-apps.

I just wonder: Is it possible to create something like that for zsh? How
about possibility to create Tk-apps with zsh? Or better yet, how about
possibility to creating Gtk- or even Gnome-apps with Zsh?

And here are the names I propose:

- TkZsh
- GtkZsh
- GnomeZsh

Currently, it is possible to write Tk-, Gtk- and even Gnome-apps with Perl
and Python. Is it better idea to just stick with those scripting languages?

Comments, please?

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