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Re: Tksh and dtksh replacements for Zsh-users?

On Jul 22,  3:07pm, Juhapekka Tolvanen wrote:
} Subject: Tksh and dtksh replacements for Zsh-users?
} Tksh is an implementation of the Tcl C library written on top of the
} library for the new KornShell (ksh93).  Dtksh is something like Tksh,
} but it is for making of CDE-apps.
} I just wonder: Is it possible to create something like that for zsh?

Sure.  Just another module.

I don't know about the CDE graphics library, but the easiest way for Tk
would be to create a zsh module to link to the Tcl library as a builtin
command, then simply attach the existing Tcl bindings for Tk to that.  I
did exactly that years ago for Z-Mail, although the version with Tk was
never released.  The zsh module would also have to install a couple of
Tcl builtins to use for calling back to zsh functions, because the Tk
event loop has to be allowed to take over control once the UI is ready
to come up.

} How about possibility to create Tk-apps with zsh? Or better yet, how
} about possibility to creating Gtk- or even Gnome-apps with Zsh?

That should be possible, too.  All you need is someone with time and
inclination (I presently have neither).

} And here are the names I propose:
} - TkZsh
} - GtkZsh
} - GnomeZsh

I have a better proposal:  Just call it zsh.  (The module names would
typically be something like ztk, zgtk, and zgnome, ala zpty and zftp.)

} Currently, it is possible to write Tk-, Gtk- and even Gnome-apps with
} Perl and Python. Is it better idea to just stick with those scripting
} languages?

I'm not very familiar with the sorts of things that one uses e.g. Dtksh
to write.  My suspicion would be that a graphically-enabled shell is more
often used to add simple I/O dialogs to shell scripts than it is to write
full-blown GUI apps in shell.

Certainly I'd prefer a language with something approximating real data
structures for purposes of writing a GUI.

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