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Re: Tksh and dtksh replacements for Zsh-users?

Bart Schaefer wrote:

> I'm not very familiar with the sorts of things that one uses e.g. Dtksh

>From looking at the man page for dtksh, it seems that it does things at
a fairly low level, offering builtins which map directly to many X, Xt,
motif and CDE C functions. I wouldn't have a clue what it would make
sense to use it for.

> to write.  My suspicion would be that a graphically-enabled shell is more
> often used to add simple I/O dialogs to shell scripts than it is to write
> full-blown GUI apps in shell.

This is more the sort of thing which I would like: a few simple routines
for pop-up messages and dialogue boxes. If that was implemented, what
would be good is if there were separate modules for Tk, gtk etc which
all had the same interface in zsh so they could be used interchangably.

> Certainly I'd prefer a language with something approximating real data
> structures for purposes of writing a GUI.

I agree, most of the things a low level GUI interface in zsh could be
used for might be better written in something else like Python, Perl or

Oliver Kiddle

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