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RE: 3.1.9 build fails at zftp.c when using Sun's WorkShop Compilers 5.0

> >
> > Check, in which library these function live under Solaris. I
> suspect, they are
> > in -lresolv as well.
> On Solaris, inet_pton and friends live in -lnsl.  -lnsl and -lresolv are not
> both necessary, only the former.  And -lsocket seems to require -lnsl.
> Configure seems to always do the right thing on Solaris with regard to the
> networking libraries, though.  And I do have a version of zsh 3.1.9-dev-1
> built on Solaris 8 with the 5.0 compilers ...


> None. Related to the mentioned functions are the following lines in
> config.log:

> configure:4605: checking for inet_aton
> configure:4605: checking for inet_pton
> configure:4605: checking for inet_ntop

> That's plain and smooth.

O.K., once more. Was it clean install? Is it possible, that you have used
wrong cache file for some reason? I get exactly the above lines when I run
configure and it takes values from cache. If I remove config.cache and rerun
configure, I get clear error messages.

What are the values of ac_cv_have_func_aton etc from config.log? If they are
correct, configure fails to set defines for some reason.


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