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more wishes with automounter


I use automounter, too, and have trouble with Zsh.

I have a bunch of automounted NFS directories in

Since the automountable directories are invisible [*] in
/var/autofs/nfs/ until they are mounted, and because
I don't wan't to remember their names, I have setup
a /nfs/ directory with symbolic links to the automounted

   /nfs/hosts1 -> /var/autofs/nfs/host1
   /nfs/hosts2 -> /var/autofs/nfs/host2
   /nfs/hosts3 -> /var/autofs/nfs/host3

The problem is that using Zsh to complete /nfs/hos<TAB> will
mount *all* the directories, because the completion code stat()
all links (and stat()ing a link will lead to the mount of the
linked directory).  I believe that Zsh may use lstat() instead,
but since I don't know where that guilty stat() is I haven't

[*] another wish would be that Zsh complete those invisible
    directories; or more generaly: give the user the possiblity
    to add "virtual files" (anywhere he want), that Zsh would
    use for completion.
Alexandre Duret-Lutz

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