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Re: 3.1.9 completion problems: automounter

On Sep 12,  5:20am, Bart Schaefer wrote:
} Hmm.  I've just been playing with zsh on a machine at work that has an
} automounted directory, and I can't reproduce the behavior you described.
} with the trailing slash, the mount happens and I get completions.  This
} happens both with and without the new completion system loaded.

I'm sorry, I was mistaken about having loaded new completion.  With the
new completion system *properly* loaded, I *can* get this to happen.

So here's the answer to your question:

    zstyle -e ':completion:*' file-patterns '[[ -d $PREFIX:h/. ]]'

This tests whether the prefix (or "/", if there's no prefix, but that's
harmless) contains a "." directory, then ignores the result; so the only
effect is to force the directory to be automounted.  Since it does not
set a value for $reply (see the "zstyle -e" doc), completion proceeds as
if the style were not set at all.

Note that if you actually *want* to set file-patterns for some other
context, you'll have to add the test to those styles as well, or the
side-effect will go away in those contexts.

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