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Re: sh: reuse/src doesn not exist..

Andrew Markebo wrote:
> Hello! 
> I am having problems with a makefile, I have zsh 4.something as shell,
> and when firing up the target:
> m_reuselib:
>         sh -c "if test -d reuse/src; \
>         then echo; echo Making public Modula reuse library; \
>         cd reuse/src    && $(MAKE) $(MFLAGS); else true; fi"
> from a makefile, I get the errors:
> src> make
> Making public Modula reuse library
> sh: reuse/src: does not exist
> *** Error code 1

Are you sure `sh' is zsh?  That's not a zsh error message, and a system error
message via perror() is usually more specific --- `no such file or
directory' is standard.  But it may just be your system is weird.

Have you got `.' in your CDPATH?  If not, and that's exported (or otherwise
accessible to the makefile), some shells won't cd into immediate
subdirectories.  You should easily be able to test this by turning the cd
into `cd ./reuse/src'.  However, if you've really got zsh as sh, this won't
be the problem, since zsh always searches `.' first.

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