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Re: sh: reuse/src doesn not exist..

| > 
| > src> make
| >...
| > Making public Modula reuse library
| > sh: reuse/src: does not exist
| > *** Error code 1
| Are you sure `sh' is zsh?  That's not a zsh error message, and a system error
| message via perror() is usually more specific --- `no such file or
| directory' is standard.  But it may just be your system is weird.

No idea if sh is fired up as zsh or sh, the problem is that logged in
with zsh as shell the make fails, but with bash/tcsh as login shell
the make succeeds, therefore I blame zsh ;-)

| Have you got `.' in your CDPATH?  If not, and that's exported (or otherwise
| accessible to the makefile), some shells won't cd into immediate
| subdirectories.  You should easily be able to test this by turning the cd
| into `cd ./reuse/src'.  However, if you've really got zsh as sh, this won't
| be the problem, since zsh always searches `.' first.

Hmm '.' was not in cdpath.. a small buggie.. ;-) *testing testing*
Yepp bingo.



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Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author