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Re: usage of zsh for profit?

Zefram wrote:

> Gabor wrote:
>> my company would like to use the NT port of zsh to distribute with
>> its product so we can write a reasonable shell script to do some information
>>  gathering.
> There is no problem with this.  Zsh is free for all to use (and to
> modify, etc.); there is no distinction between commercial and
> non-commercial use. See the LICENCE file for details (you should
> have received a copy with zsh, it's in the top-level directory of
> the source distribution).

But it's actually a cygwin program, at least on Windows, right? Aren't all cygwin programs GPLed because of cygwin1.dll? Now as to whether including a GPL program in your commercial product is OK I don't know, IANAL. And perhaps I'm even wrong about the cygwin thing, but AFAIK that's why MinGW was invented -- cygwin licensing problems.

-- Gary Oberbrunner

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