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Re: segfault when overriding complete-word then trying to use tab completion

Ian Lynagh wrote:

> ...
> Can you reproduce it if you also have this in your .zshrc?
> Just running it later doesn't seem sufficient - _main_complete only
> seems to execute if it's in there.

I still can't reproduce it.  What we really need is a recipe to get it
starting with `zsh -f' (I know that you said it doesn't happen with
that, but...).

All in all it's almost certainly a memory allocation problem, which
means that the problem may be anywhere and just surfaces in the
completion code (of course the allocation bug may actually be in the
completion code -- and my fault).

You could try the reporter script from the distribution to dump the
state of your shell and then see if you reproduce it with `zsh -f' and
sources that.  If not, there are still several places where the bug
may be, history, for example.


Sven Wischnowsky                          wischnow@xxxxxxxxx

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