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Titlebar-handling with zsh and screen

Maybe this is already mentioned in soon-to-be-released new version of
"Xterm-Title mini-HOWTO":


I just added handling of titlebar uner screen to my zsh-configs. I had
to add some stuff to my ~/.screenrc because of that, so from now on that
file is part of my shellrc-tarball. You can get it right here:


>From this doc:


I found this:

---- Clip ----
if ($TERM == screen) then
        set prompt="%{ESC_#$WINDOW %m:%c3ESC\\%}%h (%m:%.)%# "
        set prompt="%h (%m:%.)%# "

(Note that ESC means a real ESC (octal 033) chars).
---- Clip ----

Unfortunately that setting is for certain distorted image of shell. That
shell is known as tcsh and it is really b0rken. Therefore I had to
create such settings for zsh myself.

So, please download my shellconfigs and check out files dot.zshrc and
dot.screenrc and try to find bugs or other errors. They seem to work for
me, but I am not very sure, why on earth they work.

P.S: I do not subscribe to zsh-mailinglists, so please Cc: to me your
replies. And I do not subscribe to mailinglists of screen, so please
forward this to that kind of lists.

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http://www.st.jyu.fi/~juhtolv/index.html * * * * "STRAIGHT BUT NOT NARROW!"
"ei, en elättele kuvitelmia. on arjen koura kova kohtaan keltanokkia."  CMX

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