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zsh's answer to the bash completion fm project

  I was just reading freshmeat and saw the "bash programmable
completion" project listed; does anybody have any interest in doing
something similar for/with zsh?
  For those not familiar with it, it's basically a project to create in
bash what in zsh would be a file containing compinit/zstyle completion
statements; just a big, sourceable .bashrc file (loaded from and in
addition to the user's normal .bashrc, presumably).
  Is there perhaps already a project like this that I don't know about?
If not, I think it would be neat to start one.  Question: if I/we were
to start one, what's the consensus on whether compinit or zstyle should
be used?  Admittedly I'm a relatively new zsh user, but it seems from
reading the docs that the "zstyle" builtin is pretty new, so although it
may be better, there may be vastly more voluminous content out there
using the older system (kinda like it was with ipchains/iptables when
iptables came out).  Perhaps it could use both, and if so would that be
a Bad Thing(tm)?  Assuming nobody felt like "porting" the old compinit
stuff to zstyle of course...



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