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Re: zsh's answer to the bash completion fm project

John Buttery wrote [020403 13:33]:
>   I was just reading freshmeat and saw the "bash programmable
> completion" project listed; does anybody have any interest in doing
> something similar for/with zsh?
>   For those not familiar with it, it's basically a project to create in
> bash what in zsh would be a file containing compinit/zstyle completion
> statements; just a big, sourceable .bashrc file (loaded from and in
> addition to the user's normal .bashrc, presumably).
>   Is there perhaps already a project like this that I don't know about?
> If not, I think it would be neat to start one.  Question: if I/we were
> to start one, what's the consensus on whether compinit or zstyle should
> be used?  Admittedly I'm a relatively new zsh user, but it seems from
> reading the docs that the "zstyle" builtin is pretty new, so although it
> may be better, there may be vastly more voluminous content out there
> using the older system (kinda like it was with ipchains/iptables when
> iptables came out).  Perhaps it could use both, and if so would that be
> a Bad Thing(tm)?  Assuming nobody felt like "porting" the old compinit
> stuff to zstyle of course...
>   Opinions? 

Seems like it's not needed. zsh comes with tons of functions
predefined for the new completion system ;)

Have you tried to put
   autoload -U compinit
in your .zshrc and then type something like
   ssh tk<TAB>u<TAB>
and see how it is expanded to something like
   ssh tkoehler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
or something?

There's quite a lot of stuff there in zsh-4.0.x :-)


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