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Re: Rough Draft of Article on Writing Completion Functions

On Fri, Apr 05, 2002 at 11:01:15AM +0100, Peter Stephenson wrote:
=> Peter Stephenson wrote:
=> > John Beppu wrote:
=> > > The one source of information that had a chance to get it right was
=> > > the I<Zsh User's Guide>.
=> >
=> > So far I have had no suggestions about
=> > structural changes whatsoever.
=> (By the way, in case this sounds ungrateful, I have had plenty of
=> very useful suggestions for detailed changes from Sven, Oliver and
=> others.  What I'm missing is a critique of what people who don't already
=> know what's going on would like explained better.)

isn't this the constant tech (user) problem? when was the last time you
heard a user ask The Right Question[tm]? kind of a chicken/egg thing;
the techie can't read the user's mind and the user doesn't know how to
formulate his questionsi/comments. (FWIW, i think the user's guide does 
a pretty good job at reading minds although there should always be room for
improvment of course).

sorry, my comments probably weren't very helpful. :( just was thinking a
little about the larger problem.


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