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Re: Rough Draft of Article on Writing Completion Functions

[  date  ] 2002/04/05 | Friday | 05:45 AM
[ author ] Joakim Ryden <jryden@xxxxxxxxxxxx> 

> isn't this the constant tech (user) problem? when was the last time you
> heard a user ask The Right Question[tm]? kind of a chicken/egg thing;
> the techie can't read the user's mind and the user doesn't know how to
> formulate his questionsi/comments. 

Well, I guess I'm in a good position to do this since I just learned
how to do this stuff, so I'll be sending Peter my comments in private.

> (FWIW, i think the user's guide does 
> a pretty good job at reading minds although there should always be room for
> improvment of course).

I read it, too, and it definitely helped.  However, there is
a lot of room for improvement.  When I first started working
for Linux Magazine, I thought my boss was being unrealistic
and anal in his editing, but I've come to realize that he had
a valid point.

Compared to the best piece of literature you've ever read,
most technical documentation pales in comparison.  While it
may not be realistic to think that the Zsh User's Guide will
ever be as pleasurable to read as $your_favourite_book, 
holding yourself to a higher standard can only help.

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