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4.0.4 configuration on AIX 5.1

I'm running into some trouble building zsh on AIX 5.1 due to the code in
Src/utils.c and Src/Modules/cap.c inside #ifdef HAVE_CAP_GET_PROC.
There are two strange things I notice about this system.  First, there's a
<sys/capabilities.h> that seems to replace <sys/capability.h>, but it won't
work to include this instead because it typedefs cap_t as void *, while not
having a prototype for cap_get_proc().

This system also has no libcap library, although there is a cap_get_proc
directly in the C library (which I assume configure is finding).  However
I'm unable to find documentation on it, nor can I find a prototype for it
anywhere in the system headers.

Anyway, I can compile zsh by taking the HAVE_CAP_GET_PROC
definition out of config.h and building in Src/.  Does anyone think the
configure script should be able to handle this system, or is it too broken?

Paul Ackersviller

Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author