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Re: Speed

On May 13, 11:15pm, Thorsten Haude wrote:
} I just go through my /etc/zshenv, see all this setopts and wonder how
} much difference is these in terms of speed:

A single command is almost always faster than a series of equivalent
commands.  However, the amount of work necessary to set options is so
small that it'd likely take at least hundreds if not thousands of
executions before you'd notice it.  Even with the proliferation of
options in 4.x, there just aren't enough of them for this to matter.

There might be other things in your startup files that are slowing down
initialization, but setopts are not likely to be it.

} Another thing: Are the keycodes ("^[!" and stuff) documented somewhere?

If you mean the key *bindings*, then yes; you can find it in `man zshzle'
or `info zsh "zsh line editor"'.  Look in the section about "Zle Widgets"
under the sub-heading "Standard Widgets".

If you mean something else, you'll have to ask more specifically.

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